Instruction and Practice

Form Clinic

The Form Clinic is where I teach, in great detail, the basic health curriculum that we practice. These include the body mechanics, sequencing, breathing rhythms and mental aspects of the standing meditation, movement qigong and taiji forms.

Group Practices

In our Group Practices we practice the entire basic health curriculum that I teach in the Form Clinic. The Group Practices are held three times a week.

Private Instruction (one on one)

  • Fine-tuning of the forms learned in the Form Clinic on an individual basis
  • Instruction in the weapons forms of fan, stick and sword
  • Instruction in the priciples and techniques of push-hands and related partnered practices

Push-Hand Clinic

In the weekly Push-Hand Clinic, I offer students on the path of acquiring skills of interactivity the opportunity to get together for guided practice.


Prospective students are invited to come and participate in one free Group Practice session and one free Form Clinic session before making a decision to commit. Please contact me to set it up. Drop-ins from other disciplines or out of town are always welcome, but walk-ins are not. So please contact me to set it up beforehand.

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